Records Research - Copies of Public Records - Obtaining Recording Information

Most records held by the Circuit Court Clerk are available to the public under section 17.1-208 of the Code of Virginia. These records include land records, will and estate records, case files, court dockets, UCC statements, assumed name information, marriage licenses, and many other categories of records.  These records are open to public inspection during regular office hours. Copies of public records are available for $.50/page. A certified copy is available for an additional $2.00. Please note that copy fees must be collected in advance. Written requests for copies are accepted, provided payment is enclosed. To confirm the length of a document, please contact the Circuit Court Clerk's Office for assistance.

The Clerk's Office cannot perform legal, historical, or genealogical research for members of the public, but staff is available to help citizens use the records of the office.  

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT, section 2.2-3700 of the Code of Virginia

The General Assembly has exempted the public records discussed above, required by law to be maintained by the Clerk, from the Virginia FOIA statute (section 2.2-3703). Some records of the Clerk's Office are subject to FOIA, such as administrative records, budget and financial records, employment records, and other routine documents. Copies of these records are available under the rules that apply to FOIA in Virginia.

FOIA Contacts: Edward Jewett or Cecelia Hargrove, Richmond Circuit Court, 400 N 9th St., Richmond, VA 23219


The Clerk's Office does not routinely post records on the internet. Some historical or newsworthy records may be posted on occasion.  Online access to case files (OCRA) is availableto Virginia attorneys and their staff pursuant to code section 17.1-292.  Please see the OCRA tab. Secure Remote Access to land records (SRA) is available to subscribers pursuant to code section 17.1-294.  Please see the DEEDS tab. ​