​​​Notary Public Applications

  • Applications are available through the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth at the following site: https://commonwealth.virginia.gov/official-documents/notary-commissions/
  • If desired, the Circuit Court Clerk's Office can assist with Part 3 of the application.  The applicant must appear in person in the Clerk's Office if this service is requested.
  • Completed applications should be mailed to the Secretary of the Commonwealth with a check or money order in the amount of $45 payable to the Treasurer of Virginia. 
  • In order to pick up the notary commission at the Richmond Circuit Court Clerk's Office, applicants must indicate this preference on the application.

Claiming a Notary Public Commission

 When the notary commission has been issued, the Secretary of the Commonwealth will send a notice to the applicant. Applicants must subsequently appear in person in the Clerk's Office to receive their commission. No appointment is necessary; however, it is suggested that you contact the Clerk's Office to   confirm your commission is ready for pickup. Once you appear in the Clerk's Office, an oath will be issued and a $10 Clerk's fee will be collected. Payment may be made by cash, credit card, check or money order (payable to Edward F. Jewett, Clerk). Debit cards are not accepted for the payment of such fees.

 Commissions expire if not claimed within 60 days of the commission date. Applicants who do not claim their commission within 60 days must re-apply.​