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Secure Remote Access to City of Richmond Land Records is now available on-line. You must be a registered subscriber.

Each subscriber fee is $50.00 per month, requiring a 6-month subscription, paid in advance. The fee is per individual user. The Clerk of the Court must approve all applications.

Records available include Deeds, Judgments, Financing Statements and Wills/Fiduciaries.  Deed records date back to 1782 for Richmond properties north of the James River, and back to 1874 for Richmond and City of Manchester properties south of the river.

Links to the application form and to the subscriber agreement can be found on the right side of this page.

Edward F. Jewett, Clerk​


Subscribers Only

1- Subscribers can access the secure remote access to land records for documents recorded from September 1, 1993 (wills from 1996) to the present at the following link:


2- Subscribers can access the secure remote access to land records for documents recorded prior to September 1, 1993 (for wills, prior to 1996) at the following link:



NOTICE: EFFECTIVE JANUARY 14, 2014, images in the Cott Systems product (pre-1993 images) will now display using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Any version should work. Please let us know if you encounter a problem.

Please note that for those records prior to Sept. 1, 1993, (wills 1996), records from the Circuit Court of the City of Richmond are split. “Merged Division" refers to documents recorded from April 1, 1984 to Aug. 31, 1993 (wills 1996), after the consolidation of the Richmond courts. “Division I" refers to the land records from earlier courts north of the river. “Division II" refers to land records from the courts south of the river, including the old City of Manchester court. The search product for these records features two different methods:

Indexing Search" for records back to 1993 (Merged Division, 1996 for wills), back to 1966 (Div I), and back to 1937 (Div II)

         “Online Index Books" for the records prior to 1965 (Div I) and 1937 (Div II), and for all will records prior to 1996 ​